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Everything is Awesome

• Lau Smith

I have had so much fun at the Amazing Bins! It’s right up this girl’s alley! I get to have some retail therapy at non retail prices...AND it’s like a big scavenger hunt. So much fun! Such great deals! And the folks here are just so helpful, sweet and awesome!

• Brittany Soldano

Had an amazing time. I have been to another one and their bins had stuff in them from what looked like several months and a lot of broken items. Not at Amazing Bins. This place is AMAZING!!!! The bins were so easy to go through and when you walked around there was no bumping in to people. Very roomy. Very friendly staff also. The entire experience was wonderful. Can’t wait to come back again

• Leigh Mitchell

It’s a neat place to find cool little stuff and things you didn’t know you need...or things you were looking for. It’s a nice large place so you don’t feel claustrophobic. The staff is also very helpful, they’re super friendly and pleasant. It’s a and overall joy to visit! I recommend to anyone!

• Adam Young

Ready to Learn More?

If you like to hunt for a bargain, make sure to check out the Amazing Bins. The staff are super helpful and friendly. Every week different items are offered in the bins. So much fun!!!

• Audrey Kirkland

Awesome Experience and friendly customer service

• Trennia White

I like this store 100 times more than the one in goose creek. The store is cleaner, more organized, and the staff us much nicer. The product at this store also seems to be of better quality than the competitors in goose creek, and unlike the aforementioned competition I've never found trash or broken glass in these bins!!

• Brian Rourk

The best retail hot spot in Charleston! The hunt makes it even more exciting, as you don’t know what you will find. Elise and Mike are wonderful and I highly recommend their new adventure! Check them out!!

• Nick Daniels

My daughter had told me about this place on a Saturday afternoon. We headed to it on Sunday afternoon to just see what it was about. AMAZING... PEOPLE SO FRIENDLY! The whole staff offering to help. No people pushing you out the way. Everyone with a smile. The owners are on site, also talking with people. Found amazing deals. Been back every weekend since.

• Tammie Gambrell


1st time here and got a great deal.

• Mark Feaster

A family driven business with a great following. Staff and other customers are always polite and considerate. Waiting in line has proven worth it every week. There is always a deal to be had.

• Harlee Whitehead

This place is Very Very Amazing Place...I Love it...just like everything here is saying there is always a bargain to be had!!! And it is just so much FUN!!! I got the privilege to met the own the very first time I went...Both were so very polite and helpful...To be honest I don't even want to write a good review because I want to Huge treasure to

• Crystal Smith

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